Abu Dhabi’s Capital Plaza multi-tower complex

September 12, 2017
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ATEÏS Middle East designed and installed a secure network for public address and voice alarm (PA/VA) and background music. The PA/VA systems have been integrated with the buildings’ fire alarms systems to trigger alerts and evacuation messages in the event of a fire or emergency situations.

Central to the PA/VA system is the IDA4M controller, which stores voice alarm messages and initiates evacuation via loudspeaker circuits. The 19-inch PA/VA racks have stackable IDA4M controllers and switching units, amplifiers, audio processors, and paging microphone consoles, in addition to CD players and AM/FM tuners for background music. All IDA4M system components and peripherals are monitored, including microphone consoles, loudspeakers, and music sources.

The five towers in Capital Plaza have a total of 13 PA/VA racks networked to allow monitoring and control of loudspeaker circuits from various locations. PA/VA racks installed in various parts of the towers are networked with each other by using linked audio processors (LAP). These devices are incorporated with signal processing tools such as pre-amplifier, compressor-limiter, equaliser, as well as matrixing and delay functions in a single unit.

Integration of IDA and LAP devices enables simultaneous transmission of up to 48 commercial audio channels on the PA/VA network.

Voice alarm messages and background music are amplified and played on loudspeakers circuits comprising a combination of over 4,000 fire-rated, ceiling-mount, wall-mount, and horn speakers, selected on the basis of their applications in various zones in the buildings, such as corridors, halls, and car parks. Models in use for the project include the RCS5/FTS ceiling speaker, the weatherproof MSH30 horn speaker, and the wall-mount Sentry6/STC speakers.

Each tower has touch screen security paging microphone consoles connected to the building’s master rack. This allows security personnel to page individual zones within the tower. The security control room, common to all the towers, has a PSS96DT console which allows authorised personnel to issue alerts to individual towers as a whole. Paging from the security control room is assigned the highest priority and it overrides voice alarm messages and background music playing in the five towers.

Additional paging microphone consoles, PSM, have been installed in the Sofitel Hotel, for addressing special zones such as restaurants and drop off zones. This facility enables hotel staff to address a particular zone and convey messages to visitors within the zone.

‘The Capital Plaza project is unique for Ateïs in the sense that it brings together our expertise in designing and installing PA/VA and BGM systems for hotels, offices, commercial spaces, and residential towers,’ said Hussam Al Haddad, managing director of Ateïs Middle East. ‘We’ve designed the systems with special consideration to the challenges involved in managing the multipurpose complex, with preparedness to respond to expected and unforeseen circumstances.