IP Speaker Module The IPSM-1C40 / IPSM-1C40M module is equipped with 40W x 1CH high efficiency Class-D amp board into 4 ohm loudspeaker with PoE+ power (and/or 24VDC power supply if POE+ is not available). With Power over Ethernet (PoE+) technology, both audio control and power can be flowed over the standard female RJ45 Ethernet connector, giving a cost effective way to be used as the SIP endpoint of paging, intercom, PA/VA system and minimizing the number of cables.
IPSM Series

The IPSM-1C40M comes with a microphone input built-in, allowing for hands-free intercom. The PSM-1C40 / IPSM-1C40M has 3 control inputs for level control using RAC remote device, 1 contact output for triggering events via TerraManager and a clock module interface for connecting to time clock display.

The remarkable features include paging, intercom, music streaming, routing, priority management, event management, volume control, AEC (Acoustic echo cancellation), NR (Noise Reduction), logic control, monitoring etc..

  • Support PoE+ and/or connect to 24VDC power adapter (if PoE+ is not available)
  • Standard RJ45 interface, PCB control and Class-D amp board
  • Cost-effective and simple installation with single cable deployment
  • Configured, controlled, managed and monitored via web browser
  • Microphone input built-in for hands-free duplex intercom (IPSM-1C40M)
  • IP based for music streaming, routing, paging and control over LAN/WAN
  • Paging with priority management, event management and general fault reports
  • 3rd party control integration with TERRACOM system and IP-PBX via SIP protocol
  • Support to connect to TERRACOM system for I/O expansion
  • Support audio codec G.711, G.722, WAV and MP3
  • 3 control inputs, 1 contact output , clock module interface and USB interface


  • POE+ (IEEE802.3af, class 3)
  • 24VDC power transformer: 18~24VDC
  • Minimum power supply: 2A


  • Amplified output

o    Type: 1 channel, 40W Class-D amplifier

o    Frequency response: ±3 dB @ 50 Hz ~ 20 kHz

o    Max. power output: 40 watts

o    THD+N@20W/40W: 1 % @ 50 ~ 20 kHz full power

o    SNR: 85 dBu @ 50 Hz~20 kHz

  • Mic input

o    Phantom power: 2VDC

o    Frequency response: ±1 dB @ 50 Hz~20 kHz

o    Input impedance (unbalanced): 1K ohm

o    EIN: -90 dBu @ 14 dBu gain

o    THD+N: 0.1 % @ 50~20 kHz @ 14 dBu gain


  • Audio compression: G.711, G.722, WAV, MP3

The TERRACOM IP speaker range can be utilised within a variety of applications for real time broadcasting, intercommunication, music playback etc. whilst additionally allowing integration with logic control for light, curtain, TV or air conditioning on/off.

  • University and campus
  • Education institution
  • Offices 
  • Warehouse
  • Hospitals
  • Military
  • Shopping malls, hotels
  • Airports, train stations etc.
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[PDF] [en] IP Classrom Sound and Intercom_Brochure
[PDF] [en] IPSM_Datasheet