Line-Array Columns The MESSENGERG2 is a range of steerable Line-Arrays that are designed to meet the current and future demands for the Voice-Alarm industry, Commercial Audio and Pro-sound. The MESSENGER G2 is a through "next generation" design where we have focused on an improvment on the lobe-controls and the overall technical specifications. The MESSENGER G2 provides broadcast S/N ratio, music quality frequency respond and a pro-sound power handling with more advanced pre-processing abilities.

The MESSENGER G2 series has a unique feature, which has great installation and application benefits. MESSENGER G2 have been specially designed for high quality speech and background music applications in reverberant acoustic environments where it is difficult to meet contractual speech intelligibility requirements.

The acoustical center can be moved over the array to match and compensate in relation to the required installation, mounting height and environmental need.
Each driver is separately powered and processed, therefore all lobe shape variations between a Symmetrical and an Asymmetrical arrangement can be made with the simple push of a button.
This beneficial feature separates the MESSENGERG2 from other line-array speakers, making it one of the most flexible options available with its unique software controlled directivity pattern with the MESSENGERG2’s Lobe Assembly program.

  • Equipped to meet the modern Voice Evacuation standards
  • 24 VDC input for battery backup, 20 kHz input surveillance, Internal HF carrier loudspeaker surveillance
  • Specially designed for high quality speech and background music applications in reverberant acoustic environments
  • Consistently high sound quality across the coverage area
  • Fully digital sidelobe-free speaker array. Triple-lobe feature for the ultimate accuracy in lobe design
  • Tightly controlled beam, from 25 up to 3 degrees, which can be shaped in 9 steps to meet each specific application or environment
  • Asymmetrical and symmetrical arrangement by means of software control
  • Integrated DSP controls with 7 band parametric EQ, noise gate, delay rooms, peak limiter, VOX-control and contact control on the audio inputs and level raising microphone for ambient noise sensing
  • Audio and data transmission vie Ethernet for full detailed status report and PC based setup (up to 32 MESSENGER units on the bus)
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote access via LAN/WAN
  • Ease DLL & CATT DLL, for advanced room acoustic simulation

*Model Selection:

  • MESSENGER G2 M : 12 loudspeakers - 1345 mm, 94 dB to 25 m
  • MESSENGER G2 L : 18 loudspeakers - 2017 mm, 94 dB to 30 m
  • MESSENGER G2 XL : 24 loudspeakers - 2689 mm, 94 dB to 40 m
  • MESSENGER G2 Two-L : 36 loudspeakers - 4034 mm, 94 dB to 60 m
  • MESSENGER G2 Two-XL : 48 loudspeakers - 5378 mm, 94 dB to 70 m


  • 24 Class-D amplifier channels with 70 Watt
  • SPL coverage stays within 1dB variation
  • Variable acoustic center
  • RS485 remote control bus
  • Lobe steering
  • Triple lobe control
  • TCP/IP networking

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency range: 100 – 18000 Hz
  • Max. SPL: 93 dB +/- 1dB
  • Dual audio input: Music  0dB - Alarm 0 dB with contact
  • DSP module: ADSP21369-400  2.4 Gflops 400 tabs/filter/ch  24-channels
  • Speaker element: 4,25”-dual-cone with inverted surround - weatherproof - Aluminum


  • Pre-delay: 1000 mS
  • Equalizing: 8-band parametric EQ
  • Peak limiter: Level adjustable
  • Mute: Audio on/off
  • Signal indicators: Clipping/Audio/Limiter/Noise-gate
  • Surveillance:
    • amps, input signal, router, processor watchdog, active feedback on drivers (optional), emergency backup,
  • Input line detection: 20 kHz 18 kHz and 20 kHz standard on-board surveillance.
  • DSP processing: Ethernet IGMP Audio Stream, VoIP Receive, Standard mixer, Ducker, DNM

Mounting Position

  • Flexible height: 1.5 - 4 m

Power Requirements

  • Mains: 230 VAC
  • Emergency supply: 18 – 27 VDC
  • Power supply : EN 54-4 compliant

Variable vertical dispersion from 20 down to 5 degrees
Symmetrical lobe with 20 degrees opening angle
Asymmetrical lobe with 5 degrees opening angle

Multiple lobes up to 3 simultaneous lobes

Symmetrical Lobe serving ground-floor audience area
Symmetrical lobe steered upwards

Beam Stearing
Dual Lobe, serving ground-floor and balcony
Triple lobe serving ground-floor and 2 balconies

Side Lobe suppression
Conventional arrays
MessengerG2 lobe side-lobe suppression

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