Secured Audio Network Card NET-CX are ATEÏS Net Secured Audio Network Card compatible with IDA8 Matrix units.

ATEÏS Net is a secured (monitored) audio network, developed and supplied for fast and low-latency audio and data transport over a redundant copper via STP CAT5/6 or fiber-optic network ring. ATEÏS Net has an open-architecture design providing the best solution to medium to large-scale installations, such as shopping malls, retail stores, train stations and airports.

ATEÏS Net secured audio network responds to Public Address and Voice Alarm requirements as stated in EN54-16, UL60065, ISO 7240-16 and BS 5839/8 with specific attributes for compliance in large installations.

Seven models of ATEÏS Net cards are available :

  • NET-C1: RJ45 (A) - RJ45 (B)
  • NET-C2: Fiber Optic Multi Mode (A) - RJ45 (B)
  • NET-C2S: Fiber Optic Single Mode (A) - RJ45 (B)
  • NET-C3: Fiber Optic Multi Mode (A) - Fiber Optic Multi Mode (B)
  • NET-C3S: Fiber Optic Single Mode (A) - Fiber Optic Single Mode (B)
  • NET-C4: RJ45 (A) - Fiber Optic Multi Mode (B)
  • NET-C4S: RJ45 (A) - Fiber Optic Single Mode (B)

Port A = Network IN

Port B = Network OUT

  • ATEÏS Net audio and data secured network
  • Local-net & Global-net
  • 32 x 32 IDA8 System units in an global network
  • Low latency < 1 ms
  • 48 audio channels
  • Redundant loop architecture
  • 32 bit, 48 kHz sampling
  • STP CAT5/6 for up to 100 m
  • Fiber-optic multi-mode for up to 2 Km
  • Fiber-optic single-mode for up to 20 Km
  • Dedicated Network
  • EN54-16 certified
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