Automation, IP-GPIO Interface The TERRA-IO is a TERRACOM device without audio inputs and outputs. Although it can be used in Audio Applications where you will need a lot of analog I/O. The input contacts and the relay outputs will be useful in industrial and home automation applications or when you need to monitor contact closures.

The serial link can be used for IP tunneling between a PC and a device like a sensor for tele monitoring. Thanks to the SNMP, the management is adapted to big systems.

The TERRA-IO is an IP, POE control interface unit. It is available in 2 options:

  • TERRA-4IO - 4 control contacts in and 4 control contacts out
  • TERRA-8IO - 8 control contacts in and 8 control contacts out

Both options have a serial port for RS232 or RS485 for 3rd party control.

This makes the TERRA-IO an ideal IP solution for any applications that require a simple device to activate and monitor analogue contact closures. The serial port is available for 3rd party control and activation of I/O contacts.

The TERRA-IO is easily configured via its own web interface providing full control over features such as priority and event management & logic control.

  • TERRA-4IO : IP Contact Input & Output Terminal (contact IN x 4, relay contact OUT x 4, RS232 x 1)
  • TERRA-8IO : IP Contact Input & Output Terminal (contact IN x 8, relay contact OUT x 8, RS232 x 1)
  • TERRA-4IO4 : IP Contact Input & Output Terminal (contact IN x 4, relay contact OUT x 4, RS485 x 1)
  • TERRA-8IO4 : IP Contact Input & Output Terminal (contact IN x 8, relay contact OUT x 8, RS485 x 1)
  • Ethernet interface including POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol for device management on IP networks
  • Web browser interface for device management and monitor
  • Built-in event scheduler
  • RS232 or RS485 for 3rd party control
  • 24 VDC power supply (if no POE available)
  • Power LED and Status LED
  • Power consumption: 2 W
  • Weight: 0.42 Kg
  • Dimensions (DxHxW): 104 x 32 x 109 mm

The TERRACOM audio communication, messaging and intercommunication platform is a suite of products designed to transmit live audio paging, stored messaging, background music, 2-way intercommunications, control input/output triggers, and audio monitoring over TCP/IP. The TERRACOM range supports POE (Power over Ethernet), and/or can be powered locally with external 24VDC power supply. The network infrastructure of TERRACOM uses any existing network, and via a router will allow connection to the Internet for transmission and control.
A built-in browser interface allows simplied control and program mapping of the TERRACOM devices, with the option of using TerraManager or TerraServer for more complex applications.
The TERRA-IO is powered by PoE and/or an AC/DC power adapter (if PoE is not available). The TERRA-IO is a contact I/O terminal which provides contact inputs, contact outputs and serial link.

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