Integrated GUI Control Software The TerraManager is a system-integrated central controller for all ATEÏS products such as TERRACOM or IDA8. The system can start announcements or texts in the different areas / zones of the devices via LAN / Internet and supports Windows platform.

The TerraManager is a system-integrated central controller for all ATEÏS products such as TERRACOM or IDA8. The system can play announcements or texts in the different areas / zones of the devices via LAN / Internet and supports Windows platform.

The TerraManager (hereafter "the system") can be operated via touch screen and provides the user with a GUI that can be used to control IDA8, ECS, TERRACOM, etc. The system features unicast / multicast / broadcast, full-duplex intercom, routing, canned text, a scheduler, Text-To-Speech (TTS) SVE (Synthetic Voice Engine), 3rd party monitoring volume control, to name just a few.

System Overview

The TerraManager has two levels - the "Edit Mode" for configuration and parameterization and the "Operation Mode" for operation. The system defines "zone" as a speaker loop or a group of zones in IDA8, TERRACOM or other ATEÏS devices. "Source" means any source that is available locally or in the overall system via an ATEÏS product.

The TerraManager supports a freely configurable operating layout, presettings for priority and parameters, protocol selection and control of remote devices.

For a system with increased security, password protection, automatic storage and backup for devices / user accounts are offered. Several languages, such as German, English, Chinese, Dutch, or French are pre-set and can be adjusted if necessary.

TerraManager is an independent application that runs on any computer that supports the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

In the TerraManager individual zones are selected either via standard or freely configurable buttons. Here, for example, map views or maps can be used to ensure intuitive control.

This possibility can be interesting in many cases, ranging from medium-sized educational institutions, multi-storey buildings to multi-disciplinary sports stadiums. Each of these buttons can also lead to a further overview, for example, in the first step, a building can be selected on a map view and in the following screen view, a single floor.

- TCP, UDP, SIP, RTP and IGMP protocols
- Support for G.711, G.722, G.726, G.727, MP3 Audio Codec and AAC + Decoder.
- Several options for zone selection: single zone, group or broadcast of text preserves.
- Announcements (unicast / multicast / broadcast) and full-duplex intercom.
- Optional sound sequences before and after the announcement.
- Status indication of the connected devices, e.g. online / offline, busy or free.
- Allocation of audio sources to zones.
- Scheduler.
- 3rd party control via UDP, TCP and Modbus protocols in real time.
- Loading and saving parameter presets, for each device.
- Text to speech via synthetic voice.
- Device control - volume, thresholds and network interface.
GUI components
In the system, all zones to be addressed are assigned to a button. This button also displays current status information (evacuation active, announcement active, or error) on the same page.

The upper half of the button shows the name of the area, while the lower half shows an active audio signal. The color of the display also indicates immediately whether a signal with higher priority or one with lower priority is displayed.

Announcements (Unicast / Multicast / Broadcast)
The TerraManager can start or record live announcements and record recordings. Both background music and gong signals before / after announcements are supported. The user can quickly and easily select the desired destinations.

Between the integrated devices, full-duplex intercom can be implemented both in the LAN and over the Internet.

Status display and control
With the TerraManager, users can easily see or control the status of the integrated hardware in the system at a glance. With a higher number of devices, the status can also be displayed in a simplified tabular form. Management of the scheduler, group calls or 3rd party control in real time are also available.

Personal organizer
The TerraManager can be used by Terra Hardware to organize streamed audio sources, recorded announcements, or copywriting and display them in selected areas. The different sources are played in parallel or sequentially in several zones. Monthly, weekly, daily or hourly repetitions are programmable.

Background music and playing of texts
With TerraManager, recorded announcements or background music are played in line with your goals with just a few mouse clicks. For background music, streamed music or a radio station can be used as needed. When distributing and playing, all events are given in real time.

TerraManager system requirements
- CPU:> 2.5 GHz, dual core
- Memory:> 2GB RAM
- Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 / 8.1 / 10
- Java Virtual Machine: Java 8 update 60
- Hard disk:> 500GB

Graphics card:

VGA card:
- NVIDIA: GeForce100 series or higher
- ATI: Radeon HD 4000 or higher
- Intel: GMA 4500 or higher

- Network Card
- Network bandwidth:> 100Mbps

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