Detectors without Isolators VELOX addressable detectors employ optical and thermal detection technologies to sense fire conditions through sophisticated proven intelligent algorithms.
VELOX LV Series Detectors

VELOX addressable detectors employ optical and thermal detection technologies to sense fire conditions through sophisticated proven intelligent algorithms.

The LV100, LV200, and LV350 range of detectors comes with 360° LED, drift compensation and multiple levels of alarm sensitivities.

Combination of optical and thermal detection in a single detector head saves costs and spots both slow smoldering and high energy flaming fires.

Up to 240 devices can be connected on a single loop, which can extend up to 2Km of loop length as per load calculations and cable selections.

The devices are powered from the same fire detection loop which connects the fire alarm control panel, sounders, beacons, manual call points, etc.

Therefore, additional power supply sources are not required.

Models : 

  • VE-LV100 : Intelligent analogue addressable optical detector without in-built isolator
  • VE-LV200 : Intelligent analogue addressable optical & heat detector without in-built isolator
  • VE-LV350 : Intelligent analogue addressable heat detector without in-built isolator
  • LPCB approved to EN54-7 and EN54-5 A1R
  • High reliability communication protocol
  • Manual Addressing via the 40700 programmer
  • 240 devices up to 2Km per loop
  • Inbuilt diagnostics, hardware and software driftCompensation
  • 360º visible Red LED driven by Control Panel
  • Independent Remote Output

Various options of detection technology

The VELOX intelligent smoke detectors operates on the light scattering principle, which makes the detector an excellent choice for smoldering fires “thanks to the advanced algorithms in built on each detector head.”

The combination of Smoke Scattering with the centralized low inertia thermistor makes the VELOX detector the best choice as a general purpose detector to most types of fires, smoldering and fast burning.

The detector is equipped with 10 sensitivity levels allowing the detector to operate according to user desire.

The VELOX intelligent heat detectors operates on the centrally positioned thermal thermistor principle, which makes the detector an excellent choice to detect high energy emitting fires as well as low energy heat emitting fires that gradually increases with time, thanks for the advanced algorithms embedded in the detector head as well as the approved two sensitivity levels A1R which is Rate of Rise Detection of 58Cº as well as the Class B which is High Temperature of up to 78Cº.

Uniform first fix

ATEIS strive to make the installation an easy task. The Uniform First Fix or “UFF” makes all the detectors interchangeable on the same base type. Not only that, sounder bases, flashers and much more shall be installed on the same type of base, allowing the VELOX detectors to share the same type of base, permitting ease install and swap feature. Furthermore, single centrally positioned LED allows detector identification an easy task.

Easy to program

The entire LV range of detectors can be programmed via the hand-held programmer. No dip switches, or mechanical rotary switches are required. This unique feature allow to set the address required, in the sequence required making the installation and commissioning and easy task to the commissioning engineer. The programmer shall as well provide vast amount of other usual information’s such as contamination levels of the chambers, other useful parameters that indicates the healthiness of the detector’s operation, batch and date of manufacturing’s and much more. Sensitivity setting can be as well performed while programming the address, this shall save time, and make sure that accurate sensitivity setting is performed suitable to the environment of installation.

Adaptive Drift Compensation Algorithm

The sophisticated algorithms inside each detector, provides decentralized intelligence to compensate the obscuration measurements in case of dust and other similar contaminates inside the chamber. The “ADC” technology keeps the detection threshold window uniform with fixed detection sensitivity, unlike other drift compensations methods in the market that reduces the detection threshold window permitting a change in sensitivity.

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